Because of perhaps international interest the followong text is in a non-bavarian language:

I really bought another device from China. And, as usual, its is a crappy product which has never seen a final test.

What I should do is the following, as mentioned on their home-page:


1, 在 关机 状态 下, 按住 [LOCK] 开机 
2, 旋转 [M-CH SHIFT] 旋钮, 直到 屏幕 上 显示 „28 PTT TUNE“. 

3, 旋转 大 旋钮, 设置 成 „EIN „. 

4, 关机 后 重新 开机.
     于 配置 适用 于 mAT-180, mAT-180H, AH-4 等 天 调.


1, in the shutdown state, press [LOCK] on
2, rotate the [m-ch SHIFT] Knob until the „PTT tune“ is displayed on the screen.
3, rotate the big knob, set into „EIN“.
4, turn off the computer and reboot. Apply to mAT-180, mat-180h, AH-4 and other days in the configuration.

No idea, what to do… it is pure nonsense for an IC 706MK

But over all, the device does not work correctly and automatically, because…
the cabling is wrong, these drunken chinese manufactorers, or better to say, do-it-yourself enthusiasts, have the BLUE and BLACK wires incorrectly mixed up.

This is the socket seen on the rear side of the device, this is correct.                     This is the proper pinout                      

But … the cable is soldered wrongly:

BLACK should be GROUND on pin 4 , but is actually the KEY signal
BLUE should be KEY on pin 1, but is actually the GROUND.

So exchange these two pins and the mAT-180 will work automatically now!


 This is the final working plug. BLUE is Ground and BLACK is KEY!
You can test it: Just measure the resistance between BLUE and than BLACK against GROUND on the black ground socket on the rear side of the device. Only one is the real ground. And this line has to be Pin 4 ( the rightmost pin on the picture)

I decided to change the Plug with these 4 wires. So now  it is compatible with my AH-2 ICOM Antenna Tuner.

happy DX-ing   73 de DK7KV, Guenter